Volunteer Testimonials

Chasing around after unruly sheep and goats in the baking hot Kenyan sun, whilst struggling to communicate was a world apart from my previous farming experience in the UK. There were no crushes or races to help constrain the animals and so we were entirely dependent on the numerous Maasai men and children with their fantastic (if sometimes unconventional) animal handling skills.

This trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me – to learn so much about the East African vets, farmers and communities, and the challenges that they face whilst meeting so many incredible people along the way.

I met some truly inspirational people during my trip – from the Maasai womens’ groups, and community animal health workers, who provide advice and treatment to animals in rural areas, to students who literally study 20 hours a day, to get through their degrees – and we think we work hard!

Past volunteers have provided these testimonials: